Leadership Programme

Our Leadership Training for Supervisors & Team Leaders is designed to equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to excel in your leadership role and maximize team performance.

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Leadership Programme

Why Leadership Training Matters,
for every industry

Leadership training plays a pivotal role in developing essential skills and qualities that set exceptional supervisors and team leaders apart. Through our comprehensive training program, you will enhance your ability to communicate effectively, inspire and motivate your team, make informed decisions, and create a positive work environment that fosters collaboration and productivity.

Elevate Your Leadership Potential

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Develop a strong foundation in leadership theories, strategies, and practical techniques to effectively lead and manage teams.
  • Effective Communication: Master the art of clear and impactful communication to build strong relationships, convey expectations, and provide constructive feedback that inspires and motivates your team.
  • Decision-Making Excellence: Learn how to make informed decisions that align with organizational goals, considering various factors and potential impacts.
  • High-Performing Teams: Acquire techniques for team building, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive work culture that drives engagement and productivity.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Develop skills in coaching and mentoring team members to unlock their potential, improve performance, and support their professional growth.

Amplify the Leadership Skills

  • Effective Time Management: Learn strategies to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and optimize your time as a leader, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Conflict Resolution: Acquire skills to identify and address conflicts within the team, fostering a harmonious work environment and minimizing disruptions.
  • Change Management: Gain insights and techniques to lead your team through change, promoting adaptability and resilience in times of transition.
  • Employee Engagement: Develop strategies to engage and motivate team members, creating a positive work culture that enhances job satisfaction and retention.
  • Performance Management: Learn effective methods for setting goals, providing performance feedback, and implementing performance improvement plans to drive individual and team success.

Programme Overiew

The trainer will employ a diverse range of professional training methodologies, incorporating small group discussions, individual reflection, group sharing exercises, case studies, and work-related role-play. Visual aids, such as VCD presentations, will be utilized to emphasize crucial concepts.
Please note that the medium of instruction for this training program is 100% Bahasa Melayu, with accompanying materials provided in Bahasa Melayu for participants.

Day 1

1. Introduction to Supervisory Management
  • Supervisory roles in a Changing Business Environment
  • Qualities of an effective supervisor
  • Supervisor role as motive
  • Understanding Diversity at the Workplace
  • Supervising Multi-Generation and Multi-Cultural Team
  • Group Work
2. Supervisory Skills
  • Mastering The Key Supervisory Skills
  • Guiding The Work of Team Members (staff)
  • Organizing and Distributing Work
  • Supervising Multi-Generation and Multi-Cultural Team
  • Skills for Managing Relations with Key Stakeholders
3. Types of Leadership Styles
  • Leadership concept
  • Management outlook towards leadership
  • Employees outlook toward leadership
  • 4 styles leadership
  • Video clip presentation
4. Organizing and Distributing Work
  • SMART Goals
  • Guiding the work of teammembers
  • Organizing work
  • Managing Relations with KeyStakeholders
  • Role Play/Group Work
5. Understanding Employee Behavior
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Human needs and the ways achieving it
  • Understanding subordinate’s expectations
  • Assumptions toward barriers that prevent excellence
  • Roll-play

Day 2

6. Managing Employee Motivation
  • What Motivates People @Work
  • Herzberg Theory of motivation
  • Creating & Sustaining Favorable WorkEnvironment
  • Role Play/Group Discussion
7. Managing Performance of Employee
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Practices for enhancing Performance at work
  • Managing Feedback
8. Communication
  • Understanding the Barriers to communication
  • Managing inter-personal communication
  • Communicating across Culture
  • Active listening
  • Experiential Group Activities/Role Play
9. Conflict Handling
  • Understanding Work place conflicts
  • Reducing Conflicts at work place
  • Tools for Conflict Resolutions
  • Experiential Group Learning Activity

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Each captivating image in our gallery showcases moments of intense learning, collaboration, and personal growth. Through interactive workshops and engaging activities, participants are immersed in a transformative learning environment where they acquire valuable leadership strategies and techniques. The images portray participants engaging in small group discussions, individual reflection exercises, and lively group sharing sessions. These activities foster an environment of active learning, where participants exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop a deep understanding of effective leadership principles.

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